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Julie Chen leaves ‘The Talk’ amid sexual abuse allegations against her husband, Les Moonves. But while on the show she criticized Camille Cosby for. Julie Chen ‏ Verified account. Funny you said that considering she had so much negativity towards Bill Cosby wife for sticking by his side. She even laughed at her. She talked really bad about Camille Cosby when she chose to stick by her husband. Judge not unless ye be judged. 16/04/2018 · During Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial on April 16, the defense team slammed accuser Andrea Constand for spending time alone with a married. man. The comedian and wife Camille wed in 1964 and are still together. 12/10/2018 · Julie Chen, Camille Cosby and Georgina Chapman are members of a wives club that I’m sure they wish didn’t exist. Their husbands have been accused, and in the case of Bill Cosby, convicted of sexually assaulting women outside of their marriages. These wives have also been found guilty in the.

Julie Chen is giving fans of The Talk something to talk about—even if she didn’t do much talking herself. The longtime host of the Emmy-winning CBS daytime talk show opened Monday’s live show with a brief statement addressing the sexual harassment allegations against her husband, CBS CEO Les Moonves, which were detailed in a scathing. ”Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband.” -Julie Chen JulieChen started dating LeslieMoonves in 2000 when he was married to Nancy Wiesenfeld. Nancy filed for divorce in 2003. Leslie quietly married Julie in 2004 when his divorce became final. adultery. 14/09/2018 · And of Camille Cosby’s defense of her husband. And of any person who takes up for someone accused of dastardly things without taking a long, hard look at the facts. But that anger is ultimately misplaced, because what Chen says or does shouldn’t be what’s being scrutinized in. 18/09/2018 · Julie Chen has left The Talk following her husband Les Moonves' exit from CBS Corporation one week ago. The 48-year-old television personality announced the news on Tuesday in a videotaped message to viewers from the set of Big Brother. "I have been at The Talk since the day it started nine years.

Julie Chen was overly critical of Camille Cosby, but she's standing by her man who is facing similar accusations. Make it make sense. 8:33 PM - 13 Sep 2018. 418 Retweets 1,570 Likes 99 replies 418 retweets 1,570 likes. Julie Chen knew who she was marrying. She worked at CBS. In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users.

18/09/2018 · Julie Chen was so critical of Camille Cosby back when Bill was facing accusers. Julie said Camille should divorce Bill for what he had done to all those women. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, Julie is behaving exactly as Camille behaved. Tolerant of evil. 13/09/2018 · I shame Julie Chen who was so easy to criticize others like Camille Cosby – as knowing – how could she not have known and when one hears the story of the ex-wife that she stole her husband – no respect for Julie – the saying – karma is a bitch is true. Well, Julie Chen-Moonves owes other women, such as Camille Cosby, a huge apology for the criticism she gave her standing by her husband. Moonves was also married when he had his affair with Julie, so the allegations are not surprising. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Les Moonves' wife Julie Chen borrows the Camille Cosby playbook. An interesting to subplot to the drama at CBS and the firing/resignation of its president Les Moonves after more sexual misconduct allegations. Read the rest. SHARE / TWEET / 20 COMMENTS.

It's early days. We'll have to wait and see how things transpire. One would take a measured approach with the media as the issue progressed. Leaving then going back would look worse. She's gone to ground now much like Harvey Weinstein’s wife with. 14/09/2018 · Anonymous wrote:The only people I feel sorry for is the children. Chen knew who he was when she married him. But having to grow up and existence knowing your father is reviled - that's hard.

I agree the media ignored how cruel Julie Chen was to Camille Cosby attacking a black woman for supporting her husband. Yet look at Chen now she is a coward who obviously was fired from CBS. CBS has a brand and even though Julie Chen is Leslie Moonves wife it hurts CBS to have he on the talk. 19/09/2011 · CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves defended his wife, Julie Chen, against allegations that she threw his name around to threaten her co-hosts on “The Talk," reports. Responding to a report that Chen allegedly told co-hosts, "My husband can fire your asses any day," Moonves said.

keyboard_arrow_right PBT 8/2/18: Hypocrite Julie Chen Defends Her Husband But Demonized Camille Cosby For Doing The Same. 28/07/2018 · Sharon Osbourne, Lynda Carter, CBS execs support Leslie Moonves amid harassment allegations. Wife Julie Chen isn't the only person speaking up in support of CBS chief Leslie Moonves, who was accused of sexual harassment in a bombshell report published by the New Yorker Friday. This was the recent case for Julie Chen, the wife of former Corporate Chair and C.E.O. of CBS, Leslie Moonves. When she made the choice to stand by her husband after criticizing other women for doing just that, I found myself passing judgement on her for one reason only: she was a hypocrite. Camille, Bill Cosby's fascinating wife, reveals what helped her heal after their son Ennis's tragic murder and how she emerged from her darkest year to find joy. OPRAH.COM. Oprah Talks to Camille Cosby. 13/09/2018 · “Just like there is no doubt that Camille Cosby, Melania Trump and Georgina Chapman knew,” he added, referring to Chapman, Weinstein’s now ex-wife. “Power and status is sometimes worth more than love. They are all complicit,” he added. There is no doubt that Julie Chen knew.

  1. 17/09/2018 · That’s because of the perception among some that she may have known about the allegations against Moonves while continuing to report on the MeToo downfalls of Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby. Julie Chen was overly critical of Camille Cosby, but she's standing by her man who is facing similar accusations. 😕 Make it make sense.
  2. Julie Chen was overly critical of Camille Cosby, but she's standing by her man who is facing similar accusations. 😕 Make it make sense. — Elgin Charles @ElginCharles September 14, 2018 The co-hosts of The View also joined in on the conversation, with newcomer Abby Huntsman defending Chen’s actions.
  3. 19/09/2018 · Julie Chen was very critical and judgmental of Camille Cosby for standing by Bill Cosby. Now that the shoe is on her foot, she decides not come back to the table where she discussed other peoples issues and problems.
  4. Julie Chen Gets Backlash. Julie has been accused of being a hypocrite for standing her man after she slammed Bill Cosby's Camille Cosby for doing the same thing. @Allstate sponsor of THE TALK WITH HYPOCRITE JULIE CHEN! No more credibility! We will boycott @CBS @TheTalkCBS if Julie Chen.

Unlike Camille Cosby, Chen has a robust public identity; unlike Hillary Clinton, she was not forced to assume her husband’s last name in her professional life. Chen and Moonves enjoy a modern strain of union in which the wife is permitted to have loud charisma and ambition, and a measure of independence. 19/09/2018 · STUDIO CITY NEWS 8 - Julie Chen, wife of former CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves, confirmed Tuesday that she is walking away from her role as a co-host of the network's daytime talk show "The Talk." "I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son, so I've decided to.

04/10/2018 · Les Moonves is out at CBS, but his wife, Julie Chen, is sticking by her husband and, for now, her place as host of the network's "Big Brother," though she gave up her spot on "The Talk.". the co-hosts discussed Camille Cosby’s loyalty to her husband in the face of mounting allegations.

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